No, no – you’re right. I’m dead.

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Things have been quiet around here and for that I can only say, I’m sorry, but I don’t live to entertain you.

Wait – I take that back, I do live to entertain you, just not solely on this blog. There are other things to buy (Black Ink Horror #5 is shipping)  – okay, just that one, but it’s been a crazy year so far and I’m a little behind.

If you need further entertaining, there are always the antics of Detroit’s City Council (motto: If we haven’t embarrassed you yet, you aren’t paying attention) and the former antics of Former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (motto: I’ll stick it in a bowl of soup if it’s still warm).

There will  be content soon. I am 7 chapters into a synopsis of Isle, as well as polishing short stories for future submissions.  I’m finally getting settled into the routine that is full-time job/writer, angling of course for the day when my full time job *is* my writing.  meanwhile my partner, RJ (that’s Rob Callahan to the rest of you) has just completed a successful panel run at MarsCon, and is preparing for his next triumph at MiniCon.  No I won’t be there, for MiniCon, but I’m sure there will be lots of embarassing pictures for me to look through.

Originally I ws going to rant about the stupidty of Detroit’s city Council, especially Monica (motto:Check mah fithy crib, yo’) Conyers, but lord, it’s just  not worth it.  She’s a clown leading a circus of appalling idiocy (being careful to exclude to Sheila Cockrel, Brenda Jones, and Kwame Kenyatta who seem to be the only sane people bailing water out of that clown car as fast as Conyers is hosing it in), meanwhile the tent is in flames all around.

Back to work, me.

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