Look, The Circus Is Back In Town

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(WXYZ) – The former mayor and his lawyer both described a broken relationship in court Tuesday morning, but federal Judge Nancy Edmunds said the case will go forward with Jim Thomas.

Kilpatrick said over and over in court that he just doesn’t trust his lawyer anymore.

He even filed an affidavit with the court – saying he feels Jim Thomas was putting his interests in front of Kilpatrick’s.


 Because someone  thought this would be a fantastic stunt to pull during jury selection. Foresight isn’t exactly his forte, as proven by the fact that he’s on trial for “running a criminal enterprise out of the mayor’s office”. Trust me, no lawyer wants to represent someone they know is guilty – please see former Bob Bashara Attorney, David (“There has been an irreparable breakdown in the attorney/client relationship) Griem .

By the way, Thomas and Kilpatrick are stuck with each other.

Cannot wait until the embroider "Felon" on his sleeves.
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