New Year Declutter

The new year brings bright thoughts of hope and promise that the next 360+ days won’t be a dumpster fire like the previous 365.

To that end, I’m participating in Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, which is 14 days of decluttering, organizing, and pretending that everything will be okay. For January, anyway.

Day 1 was a Vision Board, which I didn’t do, not because I think vision boards are psychological garbage, but because I’d already done one in the form of a Bingo Card. It’s an idea put forth by MKW Creative Co on TikTok, and I’m not saying they’re the originators, I’m saying I saw it there first. 24 Goals for the new year, randomized onto a bingo card and kept someplace to be seen daily. It took me a week to come up with 24 goals, but most of them are attainable and I do love a challenge.

Day 1 – check. I’m off to a great start.

Day 2 is decluttering, and since we’re supposed to start small, I had to pretend my entire home office isn’t an absolute disaster.

Instead, I focused on some wonderful wall decorations received over the birthday and holiday season.

I’m using 3M Command strips because our apartment walls are masonry. Plus, I’m fickle and I’ll likely rearrange everything over the summer.


Are they straight? No. Will it keep me up nights? Also no. I’m not decorating my office for a magazine spread, I’m decorating it for me so I feel good about the space where I spend 75% of my time.

The top of that KALLAX shelf is next as well as the two FINNBY bookcases that flank it, but we’re doing this decluttering in small bites.

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