Adventures in Cooking

I like cooking. I like experimenting with flavors and wee packages for my bentos.

Today, I tried my hand at steamed buns. Easy enough, I’ve made them before with red bean paste as a light dessert, but today I wanted something more savory for lunch this week. I had a bit of ground pork and a similar bit of ground chicken so why not, right? I found a recipe for the dough and I made up the pork filling on the fly (egg, Worcestershire, parsley, salt). The dough was easy, the construction … well …

Steamed Bunnies
Picture on the left from Just Bento. Picture on the right, courtesy of my misbegotten imagination.

The first one, I steamed. It came out as a Bunny Jabba the Hut

Bring me Hans Solo
Bring me Hans Solo

It’s really not bad.

A little hoisin to set the mood.
A little hoisin to set the mood.

I looked over the rest…

and decided I would bake them and the results were a little better.


For the record, they do taste good. They are savory, and when baked, not doughy. They’ll be darling in my bentos, this week.

Provided they survive this evening.

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