40 Days of Bento 2017 Day #2

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Thursdays are usually rough days. I have back to back meetings at work, I know I have reports emails to send. I know it’s going to be an all around long day. And I still had to make my bento.

The night before I re-wrapped my ankle and calf. I’ve got achilles issues in both legs, high on the left and low on the right. It’s likely from the daily streak of 5K running in January. I’m also a terrible stretcher, so while I would have hoped to crack 300 miles by the middle of this month, but it’s not going to happen. Thursday I was a limping mess. I was gifted with 22 flights of stairs when the low pressure front swept through the area, so thanks, Garmin!

Thursday morning I knew I had to cook up some ground chicken I’d purchased earlier in the week. If there’s one thing I’m good for, it’s buying ground chicken and letting it rot in the back of the fridge. Today, something good was going to happen. and it was going to be in the form of chickin beakballs.

You heard me.

Beakballs. You watch. It’ll be a thing in no time.

I also had some asparagus and a zucchinni, and beets, so after I consulted some recipes for flavor and consistency, the beakballs were created. They have flavor without heat, and taste like chicken – which always seems to taste like nothing when left to it’s own devices.

Day 2

Chicken Beakballs (shut up, it’ll catch on)
Blanched Zuchinni
Pickled Beets (jarred)
Corn (canned)
Grape Tomatoes (for spacing)

Calorie Count: 455

Day 2 Bento Lunch
Day #2

Bento Box: FESTMÅLTID, 4.99 (at the time of this post). I purchased this box from IKEA and paid full price. I have not been paid for its inclusion in this post.

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