New beginnings

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New Year means new stuff, right?

Usually I start off with amiable resolutions for the coming year and a pledge to increase output on all sorts of Pollyanna stuff, but this time  – kids, I’m just not feeling it. I have so much to look forward to in 2013 (completed manuscripts, directing a movie, New Orleans, World Horror Con) so perhaps this is just post-holiday blues. Two days into the new year, and I’m bluer than Randy Travis’ naked butt in a Texas drunk tank.

In the interim, I’ve deactivated my Facebook account until I can get sorted. There is a lot of noise there – a lot – and  I need to see more conversations and less tales of woe and random flotsam. I need real conversations, not drive by likes and shares. I think sometimes we forget, at least I know I do, that not every thought needs to be shared with the world, and I’m really not obligated to read (or even care) as everyone elses gets dumped into my feed.

You people are exhausting.

So those of you still sticking around, welcome to the duck. I post stuff here and sometimes it gets shared and I know that everyone that wants to read it can.  It’s a short break from FB, but if I want to get back to the writing part of writing, then I need to do it here.



In the meantime here’s my lunch. Regular people (and by this I mean Facebook) know that for about a year I’ve been preparing bento-style lunches for myself. Partially a push to lose weight, mostly an effort to save money. I’ve managed to do both, plus it’s fun. And look how pretty!

*sparkly harp*

Upper berth:Blackberries, American Swiss Cheese Flowers with nori eyes, slices and rolled Corned Beef. Chickie holds the meds.

Lower berth: Tabouleh and Hummus, with sliced pickled Beets and halved Grape Tomatoes.

OH! And speaking of those stupid beets, I managed to get some of that juice on my new WHITE A/X shirt. Lord I love these shirts. They’re all like, “hey baybee, watch me zip everything all nice and work-appropriate tight so you can look like you spent a paycheck on clothes after sweating hours in the gym when you totally didn’t but it’ll be our little secret.” *inappropriate butt pinch* These shirts are so good to me. Anyway, I somehow managed to get beet juice on my shirt – kinda just below my balcony sight line, if you know what I mean. A very nervous intern sent me an IM alerting me to the glaring splotch with the caveat that he wasn’t trying to look, but the beet stain demanded it.

Plus I noted with dismay as I looked in a hand mirror that I was also broadcasting how cold the office was. Poor intern.

Many, many props to Tide To Go (unsolicited, non-reimbursed plug) because after maybe 3 minutes of erasing (I don’t want to know how the intern would have taken *that* action), the stain faded to nearly nothing, and half an hour later when I remembered to look (to see if it was still cold, you understand) the stain was completely gone.  Phew!

See – isn’t this better than brain diarrhea on Facebook?

To recap: Leaving Facebook (briefly), I eat Lunch, I’m a slob, Happy ending!

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  • Phae
    January 2, 2013 - 4:48 pm

    I’ve noticed a bunch of people doing a radio blackout right about now. I am really envious, myself. I have been contemplating it, but am still waffling.

    • little black duck
      January 2, 2013 - 11:49 pm

      It’s a good resolution – kind of hard to begin anew when you’re reading the same recycled memes you were reading 3 months ago and listening to the same complaining from the same people who never change. It’s tiring.

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