Movie Review: Stevie (2008) Made for TV

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PG-13,  94 minutes
Little Isabel is the child Claire and Adrián always wanted, but the adopted six-year-old’s not-so-imaginary friend, Stevie, is another matter. (Netflix)
Starring: Catherine McCormackJordi Mollà
Director: Bryan Goeres
Produced byDrimtim Entertainment and FishCorb Films
Distributor: Osirus Entertainment


For a Made for TV movie, I suppose it wasn’t bad (and I only have IMBD to back me up on this – I could find no information about this movie whatsoever). Claire and Adrian adopt a little girl, and as these things go in MovieLand, she’s pretty much an unknown entity they’ve taken permanent legal possession of without so much as a background check.

Just as we’re getting past all of the really lax adoption screening processes and into the meat of the story, a very satisfying ending begins to emerge – except the good way isn’t the way it should end, what you suspected in the beginning is actually true, and a lot of unfortunate questions pop up which makes this less a movie you’d share and one for the “well, thank the gods *that’s* behind me” pile. Kids into Goosebumps and parents wanting to wean their children onto the harder stuff might find this a decent entry-level ghost story – no swearing, no nudity, and no gore.

1 – Wow Factor – Had the twist I’d imagined become an part of the last 1/3 of the movie, there would be a wow, factor. Instead I’m left with a “Wow – *that’s* the direction you chose?

2 – WanderLust – Got up three times – paused it all three times because the story is engaging enough, family dramas usually are.

3 – Rewind – Nope.

4 – Recommend – Recommended to me by Netflix, and this isn’t something I’d pass along.

5 – I still don’t have a five. Wait. Movie Math! Orphan + Paranormal Activity 3 + El orfanato – Creepy Esther character = Stevie

6 – Netflix Rating – Three Stars

"It must be hard to love a crappy movie ending as much as the better one in your head."

Next in the queue – 11-11-11: The Prophecy, from the director of Saw 2, 3. and 4 (which I actually enjoyed)

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