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Those that follow me on Facebook know I’ve been making bento lunches for the last three weeks. I’d like to save money and my waistline by not eating downstairs in the deli every day, but I hadn’t yet been organized enough to prepare. A co-worker, we’ll call her Ash (because that’s what I call her), and I had been making salads, switching off every week and going out on Fridays. Work being work, we can’t do that anymore, and as good as the food downstairs is, I needed a break.

Sanrio in Great Lakes Mall provided to box and Noble Fish in Clawson provided the ingredients. The interwebs gave me the knowledge.

It's so sweet it gives you meth mouth

I started small with Lemon Pepper Chicken and dried cranberries, with cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli. I made lunch for the whole week Sunday night.

There were more like 16 pieces, but you get the idea. I was all creative and shish.
There were more like 16 pieces, but you get the idea. I was all creative and shish.

Monday, it was good.

Yep -wicked cool...

However by the end of the week, the rice was a bit dry steam broccoli makes my cats hate me. Plus I was kind of sick of it

Week Two I made Crab (with canned crab) Onigiri and stuck with the nibbles of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

A little nori, a little seasoning, it's all about the presentation, Grasshopper

By Wednesday, I was ready for something different. Like hamburgers.

This week it was California Rolls – imitation crab (or Krab, if you prefer), cream cheese and matchstick cucumbers.

The survivors ...

These were so good I only had enough for three days of lunches (I kept eating my mistakes). That was fine because this moring I wanted to show myself the kind of love Japanese mothers show their kids by getting up at the butt-crack of dawn and making my lunch DAY OF.

It only took about 45 minutes and that’s because I kept eating my fillings. Same Krab, cucumber and cream cheese in traditionally ball shape, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Pray for them because they may not make it to 2pm when I take lunch

I think I could get my butt up a few mornings a week and have nice fresh onigiri for lunch, rather than do it the pretty, yet lazy way of making a week’s worth on Sunday.

So tell me – what’s your favorite lunch, and what should my next filling be?

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