Film Scores and Goat Cheese Ghosts

I spent my workout day resting and focused instead on some stretching. No one wants to hear about that so let’s just get to the metrics.

Day 46/Day 2 PBJ – It’s not really a ghost. We have another chicken salad-wrapped crescent roll, sauteed asparagus and a Roma tomato with goat cheese and a roasted seaweed face. Some folks mistook the cheese for a happy-faced ghost and all I really wanted to do was give my cheese some character, but everyone seemed so happy with the idea there would be a ghost in my lunch, so I didn’t turn them around.

The Plastic Baby Jesii is twerking the cheese!


I started this evening’s word exercise without any idea in mind. I thought I had a few good ones at the office today, but apparently they weren’t good enough to write down and I promptly forgot them. I skimmed the interwebs for a few minutes and came across a handful which I jotted down to keep nearby for another time. With the prompt “He carried it with him everywhere”, I set my timer for 30 minutes and my goal for 1,005 words. I was rewarded 34 minutes later with pictures of kitties and Tibetan singing bowls, as well as 1,025 words of a nearly complete story.

Pandora nearly did me in, deciding to skip a few songs, cut off others and at one point inexplicably stop altogether. When I got everything restarted, I was treated to the Pirates of Caribbean Soundtracks – usually the go-to ambiance for writing, especially action scenes, but I was listening to Roy Orbison, and my mood was knocked sideways.

Yes, I plan on revisiting all of these stories at another time, and I’m a little excited that they’ll all be lovely and different.

4 thoughts on “Film Scores and Goat Cheese Ghosts

  1. Wow. I guess I didn’t realize you were creating completely different stories each sitting. I selfishly am thrilled by this while admiring your abilities at the same time.

    1. If I simply go over and revise what I’ve already written, I’ll spend more time editing than actually writing. Plus I write better with a ticking clock. It doesn’t give me time to throw out ideas or think about how they won’t work – I’m basically brainstorming on the fly. Probably 75% of what I’m writing is usable, and the rest is fodder for other ideas.

      If I could get my act together, I could plan out chapters and keep notes handy without going back over and inadvertently editing, and just plow ahead. The writing is usually the last thing I do at night, so I know I’m not creating my best work, but I also know the Tireds can create some pretty weird scenarios.

      1. That’s an impressive extended word sprint! Personally I never go back and edit before writing, it bogs me down and I get nothing down. That’s why the first pass through for continuity is always such a pain in the butt. The main character goes from having green eyes to blue eyes to three eyes…

        1. Ideally, I’d like to extend the single 30 minute jaunts to (2) 30 minutes jaunts, once in the morning and once in the evening. I’m still working out my schedule though. I love my downtime, but I’m not getting anything done and that’s a problem.