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Just so I’m not accused of shilling for one side (that would be justice, by the way), here is today’s update of the Kwame circus proceedings.

There was a hearing this morning and Kwame gets to remove his tether and travel to the DNC – not that anyone wants him there, but he can go if he wants.  He is however limited to Wayne County and the DNC.  Dawg’s off the leash, folks, lock up your poodles.  Worthy immediately appealed, though really, as many people as know his face and keeping track of his every move, there aren’t a lot of places he can go.  Let the baby have his bottle, Kym. He’s not going to get too many victories after this.

UPDATE: Back on it goes.  Hope you enjoyed those 90 seconds of unmitigated freedom, Kwame.  Thank you Judge Giles.  This makes up for Monday’s bond hearing.

Loony McLoon Sharon McPhail asked Governor Barbie (she’s an ubernym now!) to pardon Kwame, and Govenor Barbie said, “B*tch, please”Without getting into the rationale, I will not be pardoning or issuing immunity for anybody testifying at the hearing.” 

In other news, The Michigan Chronicle has decided it has had just about enough of Kwame. I’d give you a link to their site, but apparantly it was coded by drunken monkeys and it refuses to come up for me.

We cannot stand by and watch this city fall victim to the mistakes of the mayor. In the interest of saving Detroit from Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s legal and political issues that have hindered this city’s progress, we strongly urge the mayor to step aside and address his problems. His issues are holding the city hostage. Detroit’s future is bigger than the mayor.

We will not play the blame game and pander to the idea that the mayor’s issues stem from racism. We did not take this decision lightly because of our identity as an African American newspaper operating in a climate where race and racism often command our political discussions. But the troubles of the mayor squarely emanated from decisions he made not to settle the case with the two police officers, Gary Brown and Harold Nelthrope, and instead decided to fight them in court. He came out of those court proceedings charged with perjury, felony and other charges. We cannot allow Detroit’s ability to move forward to be strangled by the escalating legal woes of the mayor.

For an African American newspaper deeply steeped in the traditions of Freedom’s Journal, the first Black newspaper in the country, we have a commitment to not only present an objective view of the Black community, but also, when need be, to be critical and take action when those we elect to office do not represent the best interests of the people.

Kilpatrick should spare himself and the city the embarrassment of being forcibly removed from office by either the Detroit City Council, Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Attorney General Mike Cox or Prosecutor Kym Worthy. The council forfeiture hearings to commence Aug. 18 and the governor’s Sept. 3 removal hearings only promise a sad and troubling future for this city and the mayor.

The Chronicle is Michigan’s oldest Black-centric newspapers, both highly respected and greatly regarded.  This could not have been an easy article to run.

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  • Dan400Man
    September 4, 2008 - 3:38 pm

    LOL on the appropriate usage of the strikethrough!
    >> and Govenor Barbie said, “B*tch, please”

    On second thought, ROFLMAO!

    I googled “sharon mcphail electrocute” cuz someone made a comment on the Freep site indicating that McFail accused KK of attempting to electrocute her, and I found your blog. I just couldn’t believe just now hearing about this. Was I in a coma when this hit the news?

    Anyway, great writing, and I plan on visiting regularly.

  • littleblackduck
    September 4, 2008 - 6:58 pm

    Thanks Dan.

    Always happy to have a new reader.

    The Kilpatrick-thing has been one of those on-going tribulations that one thinks is insular until one discovers readers following it from around the world. Detroit has enough problems without the (now – he resigned today) former Mayor adding to them.

    A few years back when McPhail wsa a member of City Council she accused the former Mayor of tampering with her office chair, pne of those high-end deelies with a heat and massage unit. She provided “proof” by showing frayed wires poking out of the back of it.

    I’ve tried looking for footage of it as well, and I’m fairly sure it was WXYZ-TV Channel 7 or WJBK Fox2 Detroit that had video footage, as she invited all of the local news organizations to document her near death experience. I haven’t been able to uncover it, since it was at least three or four years ago and only people like me keep archives that far back (unless, also like me you have a massive database failure and the database goes tits up and you can’t be arsed to recompile it).

    Sharon McPhail also resigned today as general counsel for the City of Detroit in light of Kwame Kilpatrick’s plea of guilty to two felonies (Obstruction of Justice) in light of the Whistleblower Lawsuit (filed in 2003, went to trial in 2007), in which he lied under oath about his extra-marital affairs and schemed to cover them up by fireing two decorated police officers.

    Good times, Detroit. Good times.

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