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But I’ve been away. Lots happened recently so here’s the abbreviated version.

Yes I missed out on heading to the East Coast, and I’m sorry guys. It just didn’t fall into place like I would have wanted. We’ll look to later this year with more concrete plans other than “heads up – I’m thinking about getting into my car.”

I skipped into Minneapolis under the radar on the 20th of April for a week of liver killing and brain mushing. My partner has some of the shortest chapters to complete for Isle, but because he’s a little obsessive, those chapters are taking him a little longer than one would think. It’s funny to watch. He’ll need a few more weeks of straight writing and booze to complete, but unfortunately I can’t take that kind of time off of work, so we’ll just have to wait patiently. I know people (and by people I mean PJ) are looking for excerpts of what we worked on and I’ll see what I can do.

On Thursday, he took me to the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra for a little Stravinsky. Because we’d had a few drinks to settle down for the actual performance, I kept mis-reading the program so I never knew which songs were actually being performed. I’m sure we amused the casually dressed patrons around us.

We looked – expensive:

People kept congratulating us or commented how people just never dress up anymore. A gentleman outside of the Hunan Garden in St. Paul said that we looked too young for prom but wished us well in our marriage. I was a little wobbly in my shoes, not because I never wear heels, but because in all of the trial walkings I had in that dress, it never occurred to me to wear stockings. Were it not for my attendant, I would have ended up gracelessly on my ass many times over.

Yes, I was a number:

Shoes that nearly killed me


Gracious host who thought the size of the drinks given to me was hilarious

It was not all showing off. He took me for walks because I need my exercise or I chew on the furniture. On one of the evening walks, the first night, I think, we were approached by a band of about six or seven people dressed as “superheroes.” It was the most surreal experience I’ve yet had in Minneapolis. The following day, we visited Minnehaha Falls and while the park ranger wasn’t looking, we jumped the fence and played in the water.

There is video on RJ’s site and more pics on my flickr. I went looking for frozen hobos. I was disappointed in that regard, but I still had a great time. i kept waiting to be thrown out, or at least mightily scolded, but it never happened.

This year will see three more anthologies with my work: A Child’s Guide to Teasing Bees featuring “The Sandbox”, a Pretty-Scary.net Anthology featuring, “I Do This Because I Love You,” and an as yet un-named anthology featuring a story TBD*. Sorry I couldn’t be more vague. This mans that I have to write more short stories because I’m running out of material that hasn’t been published yet. And I have to finish my novels. Yes. All of that and it’s only May. I cannot complain about the start of this year. It’s been wonderful for me in terms of writing and collaboration and I’d like for that to continue.

What have I missed in the meantime?


*The un-named anthology will have “Walkies” and a reprint of “The Serpent Bearer”

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