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A few things I want to get off my chest that aren’t big enough for separate posts:

A funny thing happened to the Kwame last week.  It was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is neither a king, nor someone the City Council is interested in listening to after being told that their processes were a waste of time.


I am officially killing the Little Black Book Project.  None of the books have come back, despite strident claims to the contrary.  It was a fun idea but two years after the fact and none of the three have resurfaced.
However – if you do still have them, or know where you had them last, please send them home.


I’ve gotten much knitting and writing done this week. Many posts and pictures to follow as soon as I have more time


Neil Gaiman got laid out by his dog, Ghost.  Drop him some well wishes and tell him that the bruises make him look “dangerous and sexy”.


I’ll resume Twittering later this month.  Haven’t had much to say, and lord knows I haven’t been keeping up with it.


It’s stupid, my brain.  I had a ton of things to say and now I can’t remember a single one.

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  • John Donald Carlucci
    April 26, 2008 - 3:20 pm

    Sorry your black book project died.


But how do you really feel?

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