Why there isn’t a Car vs Train World Series

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So yesterday, a very ignorant young man committed a very selfish act which resulted in the deaths of five young people under 20 – including a 14-year old girl.

The video is below and it shows why you shouldn’t let car loads of teens careen around the sticks with nothing better to do than kill themselves. Is Canton without cows to tip?

Now I won’t take this moment to wonder aloud why any self-respecting  mother would let her 14-yo daughter date a 17-year  old, but whatever.  It’s the kind of thing you expect from Canton Twp.

Regardless of who you let your kids “date” please have the decency to teach them respect for the lives of others. This wasn’t an “accident”. This was result of a wasted life, probably some beer (tox results due in several weeks) and his own utter disregard for his passengers and the law.  I mention the law since dude was doing some bad-ass cruising on a suspended license and  had racked up more tickets in two years of driving than I have in all twenty of mine.


Dan Broughton, 19-year-old, Driver, suspended license
Jessica Sadler, 14-year-old
Eddie Gross, 17-year-old, Taylor (boyfriend)
Sean Harris, 19-year-old, Detroit area,
Terrance Harris, 21-year-old, Stafford, Va.

Lovely article is here, glorifying exactly why these kids were allowed to be dangers to themselves and others. Go ahead and mourn, but when you place wasted lives on pedestals, you encourage more waste. Next time some idiot runs a gate it may be you or a loved one in that car or on that train.

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