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If Rob died, we hope you would be grief-stricken enough over his death that you wouldn’t make a fuss over your ten bucks. If not, though, some relative would be assigned to settle his estate and he would be sure to leave them a note with instructions on pro-rating and delivering your refund. Or, possibly, his writing partner from another book might be convinced to finish it up. — All Access Archive – Permanent Access to Prom Queen of the Damned.


I do encourage you to sign up for Prom Queen of the Damned.  Anyone who remembers Stephen King’s  N, can easily call up the excitement of knowing it was Monday, and a new chapter was going to be released.

Every week, follow Lily and her friends as they struggle to find and fight a powerful evil that plagues the halls of Sherman Heights Senior High: New chapters are available for download every Saturday for 49 cents each, or all as they are released for the advance price of $9.99.  — (ibid)

This will be EXACTLY like that, only better and on Saturdays. It’ll be like that really hot kiss received on the fly where  he grabs the small of your back  and delivers this smoldering kiss your lips barely feel but makes your soul utterly ignite, before burying his head deep in your hair, breathing deep and dashing off for his plane, but what you’ll remember most is the deliciously naughty thing he whispered in your ear.

Every. Chapter.

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