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So last weekend Lush had it’s Naughty or Nice party. We at Lush prefer to have parties with fun stuff because when we’re having fun, people buy incredible amounts of stuff with smiles on their faces.

Husband – “You spent how much at Lush?””
Wife – “But honey, they were having so much FUN!”

It’s true.

So this week, Lush Somerset – aka the best damn LUSH EVAR! – is celebrating its first Birthday. All of the girls are wearing party dresses. Because I have no self control, I’m going that one step further with a feather boa and tiara. You can’t stop me.

Green cocktail dress, white feather boa, tiara.

Yes there will be pictures.


Been writing lots this week and it feels good to lose myself in the words again. The words however have been a little darker than I’ve been used to but that’s okay too. Actually finished a few Chapters of Never and CDI but haven’t posted them because I’m not sure how crazy I am about some of the wording. They flow, sort of but there still seems to be some brain tripping and it bothers me. I’m thinking I just have to get used to my own voice again.

I also think I need a transcriber. I now have four notebooks, not to mention scraps of paper, napkins, and bits of cardboard that need to see pixels but there is so much of it, tackling it a few pieces at a time is still overwhelming. Unfortunately, my handwriting can get so crappy as I’m flying along I don’t think anyone would be able to read it.

I’ll add it to the list of things I really need to work on before June.

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