We’re the only ones that can save you now …

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The seasons change, the air grows crisp, the leaves lie dead on the ground. But other things stir beneath the leaves, beneath the dirt, in crypts and in coffins – and they wait. Oh, I think they may be waiting for you.

All Hallows Eve approaches dark and stealthy like a feral cat and the Dead will roam the earth – in search of one Hell of a party!

GLAHW can help you, the defenseless mortal, if you can’t blend in with the ravenous dead. There is but one place you’re safe from their feeding, and we promise to take your mind off the encroaching doom. Take your shelter with us.

With our magics and our mages, we’ve joined forces with Kennedy’s Irish Pub in Waterford, MI to host Monster Mash for Literacy Bash III. Costume contests, a Chinese Auction, music and dancing, on October 23 the sanctuary doors open at 8:00 p.m. and when we release you back into the world, you only have a few hours to fend for yourselves until the dawn.


Wear our flyer as a clever hat to keep the Dead from nomming your brains (click to embiggen)

We’ve even prepared special drinks to aid in shielding your vulnerable body, and a 50/50 raffle that could help line your pockets for that much needed escape out of town.

Proceeds benefit the Dominican Literacy Center and the Sienna Literacy Center, and we are proud to make them our permanent charities, ensuring that people of all ages discover the magic and power of reading as well as improve their lives with a strong educational foundation.

Party like it’s your last night on Earth as well as discover the true meaning of grave robbing for charity.

Tickets are $10.00, available at the door or online. Peep our page and spread the world. We’re the only ones that can save you now …

Ticket information:

9/24 – Edited to Add

Prizes and auction items include autographed books by the following Authors:

Scott Sigler
Jeremy C Shipp
Cherie Priest
Max Brooks
Rain Graves
Rob Callahan
Dean Koontz
JC Hutchins

If you’re an author and would like to donate a book, please drop me a line.



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  • […] So in two weeks I’ll be kicking it Olde Skool with my peeps in GLAHW and lots of new friends at Kennedy’s Irish Pub for our Annual Monster Mash for Literacy Bash on October 23, 2010 – what, you missed the announcement? […]

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