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I’ve been spending days rotating between various coffeehouses in the area, not wanting to abuse the limited outlets in one on consecutive days. Coffee and scones seem like an inexpensive venture, but when you’re in one spot all day taking up space, you feel a little obligated to buy stuff.
There are things I have to do while I’m here, so it’s not just random surfing. I have a finite amount of time and a long laundry list of stuff to accomplish. I’m averaging about four to five hours in the coffee houses, and it never seems like enough time.
There’s returning e-mails and messages from bands and potential for Independent Band night – making sure they show up, know what’s expected of them, and do their own promotion. This is harder than one would think and it takes up a lot of time. I completely understand why promoters and booking agents get an obscene amount of money.

There’s e-mail to check and answer that I glanced at the previous evening on my phone. I could answer them from my phone, but it’s very time consuming. I can’t wait for blanket wi-fi in Oakland County.
Jobs to research and apply to. Lots of jobs I want no part of. It’s the sifting that takes time.
Writer’s sites to check in on for comments and to reciprocate reviews, which reminds me, I am woefully behind on Writer’s Cafe and another site I suddenly can’t remember the url to – ah – EditRed, I knew it would come to me.

There are these sites to update and check on.
I used to hope that I could come to the coffee shops to write, but as long as there’s internet access that’s not going to happen. I need space without distractions to really dive in and write. I’m sort of hoping t be stranded at home with no TV, no radio and a deadline. I work best under those conditions.

I’m discovering that earbuds in the ears, despite the fact that they aren’t attached to anything, are a marvelous deterrent when it comes to chatty single men. I can look intensely at the screen, pretending to ponder the complex information on my screen, when really I’m catching up on LJ or chatting or pretending to be invisible.

I’m also discovering that more than two depth charges (for the caffeine uninitiated, that’s a medium coffee with a shot -or two, heh – of expresso dropped in) and I can’t even accomplish the simplest of tasks, like sitting still.

Guys who want your attention will make all sorts of noise and chatter to catch your eye but won’t actually APPROACH you to say hello. Show a little initiative, fellas. You’re going to get shot down anyway, but isn’t a smile from me worth the effort. *grin* That’s the extra caffeine talking.

I’m pretty sure I was going somewhere with that, but with the two depth charges, Hot Apple Blast, and extra cup of dark roast, stuff like linear thinking is starting to escape me.
Perhaps more coherent tomorrow.

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  • Ole Blue
    March 7, 2007 - 10:43 pm

    I love to sit in Coffee shops too, although I tend to drink red tea because it does not have any caffiene.

    You seem really busy. Hope you finish the novel etc. and take a vacation! 😉

But how do you really feel?

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