Wandering Cursoritis

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This is here for me as opposed to anyone else.

Quick backstory – the mouse on my laptop is prone to fits of wanderlust.  This is especially irritating in programs where the mouse location impacts what window is active on the screen (Liquid Story Binder, being one of them),

It happened once before but because I tend to assume I’ll remember simple solutions, I promptly forgot what I did.

Turns out my problem is with the fact that I play rough with my laptop.  It’s a Compaq EvoN600c and it’s built like a small tank, so I tend to toss it into a bag, toss the bag into the car, toss the bag onto the floor – I know, I’m a horrible human being.  It’s why I don’t want a new laptop.  Those things appear very delicate, and if I look like I’m about to toss it into an bag not approved by the manufacturer, it’ll cry.

I don’t need that kind of drama.

This time, I disabled the track stick – that’s the little eraser nub above the B, keeping the knees of the G and H from touching (“so help  me, I will pull this post over and embarrass you right here on the internet!”) – and the Wandering Cursor has been hobbled.  It was not a driver issue as all of them have been updated, rolled back and reinstalled many times.  This problem was also an issue with the wireless mouse I (sometimes) have with me.  I simply couldn’t get it to stop running for the corner.

Actually it was more of a meander.   So something has come loose in the track stick and it’s now disabled, which is fine as I was only using it when the cursor misbehaved.

Like I said, this post was really just for my benefit, but thanks for taking the ride with me.

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