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So Adam alerted me this this:


Some thoughts:

If I understand this, ReDigi believes it can take previously purchased ebooks, turn around and sell them at a discount (because, they’re … um … used) and the publishers and authors still get a percentage? Superfiviallu this sounds like a win-win, imagine if used bookstores floated a cut

Digital media isnt so much a used commodity as a transferance of a EULA. And what on earth makes it used? Does it smell of smoke? Was it previously handled by someone with sticky fingers? How do you sell something that is as perect as the day it was originally bought with the ability fo copy more?

In other words when you buy a book with the intent of reselling, you’re not really buying. The EULA you purchase with  an eBook amounts to no more than a rental agreement. ReDigi makes this sound like a win-win, but I can see challenges. Won’t this drive prices down if people are consciously believeing that paying Premium Price for an ebook

Books are not used cars. You don’t get to take them for a spin around the block, spill soda on the carpet, fill the cracks in with Bondo, and then flip it for at least what you put into it?

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