Too stubborn to know he’s dead.

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Yesterday afternoon, the Michigan Supreme Court reminded Kwame Kilpatrick that he was still a lying, scheming pile of something the wild packs of dogs roaming the City wouldn’t sniff. It reminded him that not everyone in the State of Michigan was as gullible as the dwindling number of people that continue to support him. It told him that the secret deal must be made public. What secret deal, you may ask?

It went down like this: After the Whistleblower Trial, the City (the Mayor and his legal team) drafted a settlement deal to pay out more than 8 Million Dollars to the fired police and detectives. This is the deal that was presented to the City Council for approval. Piggybacked on that deal in secret was a secondary deal cut with all of the lawyers that involved the text messages and other paperwork, which decreed that the text messages that revealed possible perjury between litigating parties would go into a safety deposit box and hidden away until such time as they could be discretely destroyed.

Why yes – it could be construed as conspiracy to destroy evidence. How every clever of you.

The entirety of what was in the secret deal couldn’t be more damning, however still we wait for Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy to decide whether or not to file perjury charges.

I am loathe to visit the forums hosted by the local newspapers and television stations because undoubtedly I’ll be assaulted by Chris Crocker-esque comments that support him with all caps, missing punctuation and the occasional swear. It’s painful to read because your brain is fighting to fill in all of the ignorance with something that more closely resembles the English language.

I listened to him on the radio this morning, and he’s not only clueless, but arrogant about being clueless. He’s trying to convince his faithful Sheeple, that this case was about his right to privacy and now that his rights are being trampled, it’s just a matter of time before the little guy gets pissed on too.

“I think that I’ll be fine.”

The process will handle itself”

“Are you sorry for anything? And Specifically what are you sorry about” (asked the interviewer)

Yes. he’s sorry but not because of anything of anything he’s done, but because of what has happened to the City due to outside influences. The sad part is that there are scared little victim Sheeple who are afraid to not believe him, because that would mean admitting being duped. Again.

“Can anyone trust you know?

“Heh, my wife trusts me. My kids trust me.”

Suckers who have to live with you don’t count.

The things that should happen (they won’t, but it’s nice to pretend)

  • The City Council should remove the Mayor from office. He has proven himself an untrustworthy individual incapable of garnering the trust of other municipalities with which he needs to forge economic deals to help the City grow.
  • The City Council should then disallow payment of the legal fees from both the Whistleblower’s trial and all subsequent appeals that attempted to cover up the deal City Council was never meant to see.
  • The City council should then sue private citizen Kwame Kilpatrick for the money paid out to the officers and the legal fees. A civil suit would probably do it.
  • Kim Worthy should come back within the indictment to prosecute not only Kwame Kilpatrick and Miss Beatty for perjury, but also his legal team. It could have been believed that his legal team was unaware of what he was doing before the secondary deal was drafted.
  • Any deal for Cobo Hall should be put on hold and perhaps Macomb and Oakland County should consider creating their own convention center to plan for the events of 2009 and beyond. Any dealing with the City beyond this point would just be acknowledging that there’s nothing wrong.

It hurts how people still believe this man deserves to stay in office. It hurts to believe there are people who think that he can continue to drive this City deeper into the ground under the guise of “doing the City’s business”.

In the best of all possible worlds, he’ll be removed before Opening Day. It’s hard enough to drive down Woodward and pass by all of the abandoned buildings the Mayor promised to have demolished, to skirt by all of the prostitutes and layabouts who would shoot you just as soon as mug you because there aren’t enough police to patrol the streets, to dodge all of the potholes by the dark of night because there isn’t any money to fix the streets and the streetlight. I’ll have to do all of those thing and still have to park my car, lock it up tight and hope it won’t be towed because it’s the City’s only way of recouping revenue from the multi-million dollar hit taken by a man who’s still in office.

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  • bookfraud
    March 11, 2008 - 9:42 am

    well, now at least new york has a public official with a bigger sex scandal on his hands.

    your “good government” suggestions are sensible, which, like you note, means they’ll never happen.

    bring back coleman young!

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