The Yankees … are in … Chattanooga!

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Left Athens this morning about 10 a.m. and headed to Chattanooga, TN. Our first order of business was getting the ants out of my car.

Yes, ants. One long line of probably several hundred little ants crawling all over and in the trunk of my car, in through the rear and front passenger-side doors.

…the hell?

We parked under a tree to keep the car out of the sun but I don’t think that was the whole of the problem. There was a sign in room stating that the free “continental” breakfast wasn’t to be taken back to the room, and it was probably due to the potential massive invasion.

I keep car cleaning wipes in my car, not because we’re messy, but because I often forget to wipe the layers of dust from the dashboard and instrument panel. For like, months. The ArmorAll seemed to do the trick in killing the little buggers or at least in removing their trail, and what I missed the heat took care of. I didn’t see a single one after a few hours.

Stopped first at Mayfield Diary for the tour and ice cream for breakfast. From there a cafe in “downtown” Athens, TN for some excellent coffee, a croissant, and a peanut butter cookie concoction, and then it was off to Chattanooga.
I heart vacation.

Hit the usual touristy places, first and foremost, Ruby Falls. How beautiful, and nicely chilly, being underground, wet, and all. We even bought the souvenir photo they con you into taking. But the best part was the Penny Machine! There is no better cheap souvenir than the fifty-cent flattened penny. We have been three for three in finding those here on our trip – which reminds me: I need to find another display book.

Yes – I collect souvenir flattened pennies. No I don’t want yours. We like getting them from places we’ve visited and it’s always a thrill to find the machines.

Next we hit Rock City and Doug freaked out a little bit over the height, especially around Lover’s Leap.   Needless to say, we didn’t make the Stone or Swing Bridge, which I was pretty okay with. We skipped the souvenir photo this time, mostly because we have a beautiful See Rock City plate that belonged to Doug’s mom, and nothing in the gift shop could beat that.

Except maybe a bird house, which we’ll order at a later time.

Stopped by Sunset Rock (for another Doug freakout) and hiked it down to the edge – just gorgeous – but the hike back nearly killed me.

Now settled into the room in Chattanooga for a few days and Doug is celebrating his brush with death with a fine pizza and spicy BBQ wings from Mr. T’s Pizza.

We bought the triple package so perhaps we’ll see the Incline Railway tomorrow, but we did see it last time we were here about three years ago.

We’ve only been gone two days?

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