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Up until about a year ago I ran a blog called The Diner [at] Penda’s Realm.  It was a snarky little romp that explored the stupidity that men and women do (“Hey, look what I can still do!”)

I let the domain name of Penda’s Realm last winter expire and I think I’ll let that stand.  It was a different site for a different time.  However, the blog still gets searched on a regular basis, so I’ve moved it here.  I warn you, some of the posts are pre-WordPress, going all the way  back to my Moveable Type days and (dare I admit it) Blogger, so the links may not work and the probably don’t have theme’s and backgrounds.  I may fix that, but as it took me several days to locate and then access all 10MB of bloggy goodness, I may wait for a day when my activity choices boil down to fixing blog posts from 2000 or chewing off my  kneecaps. Also some of the buttons don’t work and I don’t think I know where they are …

Archives are up. Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane.

Mind the dragons.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  • Davecat
    July 2, 2008 - 12:49 am

    Seriously, this is awesome. Tales of filth and incompetence, revisited! A fine way to usher in July! Well done, babe!

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