Sex, Lies, and the Press Conference.

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It isn’t as if anyone is paying attention, right?

Yesterday a witness bypassed the usual information-smothering blanket of the police tip lines and went right to an attorney to file an affidavit attesting to what she read in regards to the Tamara Greene Murder in 2002.

Last night the Mayor’s office called a press conference for 6:15 with Chief of Police Ella Bully Cummings, probably to discuss the charges the woman’s information was ignored by police. 6:15 came and went without incident. At 6:20 the reporters gathered were told that the press conference would take place at 6:50.

At 7:30, a Second Deputy Chief James Tate came out to tell the press that there was to be no comment on pending litigation and it didn’t make any sense to continue to go back and forth every time a new bit of information leaked out. It was a clusterf*ck of monumental proportions, as this guy clearly was thrown before the wolves with no preparation.

Go ahead and watch it. I’ll wait.

Yeah. Fun. The Mayor’s office, in an attempt to discredit Joyce Rogers, called a press conference probably hoping that the Chief of Police would take the former clerk down a few pegs. Obviously the Chief has had enough of the Mayor’s games because she refused to play yesterday.

Best line of the Press Conference (I assume it’s Val Clark, because it’s sounds like her): “We didn’t bring ourselves here.”

The slam against Crime Stoppers will probably not go unanswered.

In other news, AG Mike Cox will be reopening the investigation of the party that he claimed was “urban legend” , the very party where Mayor’s wife attacked the stripper who filed the police report that this clerk swore under oath to have seen.

No, he doesn’t want to reopen this case because it means that several high-ranking members of the Michigan State Police will probably lose their jobs. It means that the last six years of cover up will come back to bite him on the ass and he won’t be able to run for Governor. It means the Feds could move in and then everyone is really and truly screwed.

The State of the City is tonight. Mayor Kilpatrick will lie and smile and claim how wonderful the City is coming along. Many members of the City Council will not stand with the Mayor because to do so shows an alliance that no one wants to portray.

When you have even lost the faith of your own party, it’s time to leave. (I’m looking in your direction, Kwame.) Anyone else want to predict receivership for the City by August?

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