September Goals

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I don’t have a run goal this month, only that I need to get out there and do it. I restarted my ZR couch to 5K, and lemme tell you, I thought but was going to be easy and I almost just did a free run. 10 min Walk
1 min walk/15 second Run (10x)
10 min Free Form Run. I really felt it and while it was a good burn, it was a hard burn and that last 10 minutes was more running but definitely some walking in there.
This time last year, I was coming off surgery and weighed 193. Today, I weighed 199.7 lighter than a month ago (according to my scale app), but earlier this year, I was closer to 215. I know it’s not about the lbs, but the inches, but the lbs count too. I’d like to end this month lighter than I was when I evicted Bill. I back to working full time, I’m in a good headspace, and I miss my cute clothes. I feel too good to be this tired. I also have three other goals this month which I’ll get into later. I don’t feel great about meeting them, but I do have to try. They’re on the whiteboard, so they’re doable. Now we just have to complete them. Anyone else have a goal this month?
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