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So while Kilpatrick is making the rounds to all of his buddies, ensuring that the unintelligent and ill-informed only swallow the lies as he’s willing to tell them, the courts have been busy ensuring the public gets the the truth.

So he does radio spots, opens the Winter Blast, and convinces people that it’ll blow over and he can get back to the business of running the City into the ground.
Because, you know, he’s “on an assignment from God.”

Personally, I was unaware God’s assignments included lying, adultery, murder. Kilpatrick may want to check his God’s credentials.

You know what bothers me most of all? The fact that Kilpatrick is relying on the ignorance of the citizens, spinning his predicament to imply that it’s a violation of his rights as a private citizen, while using public money. He is counting on the wariness that long-time residents of the City have against the media and the suburbs to make all of this seem like a witch hunt against a diligent Black man that’s just trying to do a little good for his people. You could tell by the reactions of people after listening to his interview. They’ll believe anything because, it hurts to understand that a man like him would lie over and over again, especially after standing in a House of God with his wife by his side, pretending to look them in the eye.

He’s laughing at you, folks, because you’re suckers and you know it.

It’s all good, though. As Kilpatrick’s influence shrinks, the lips will start flapping. He can’t protect his buddies anymore. He doesn’t even have a member of the City Council as his personal lap dog anymore. Sure he’s got a former enemy as part of his counsel, but we all know she’s a few pages short of a brief.

The secret deal is simple – everyone keeps their mouths shut, the text messages (which should have been entered into evidence but were never delivered by Kilparick’s lawyers) would be destroyed, and Kilpatrick’s lawyers would tell more lies should something accidentally go wrong.

Something went gone wrong, and no amount of legal maneuvering can save him now.

I hope Kilpartick and Beatty realize that by agreeing to destroy evidence, they waltzed over from simple perjury to tampering and destruction of evidence, which are federal crimes.

Hello, Feds – he’s right over there. Make sure the cuffs match his earrings.

I give him three months to either step down or be forced out. Any longer and there may be a larger cover-up to consider.

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