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This is tragic:

Detroit sports radio station WDFN-AM (1130) made major cuts to its local programming today and will go to an all-syndicated daily format, several people with knowledge of the situation told the Free Press.

WXYZ.com reported that “Clear Channel Communications, parent company of WDFN-AM, one of two Detroit-based sports/talk radio stations, has laid off its entire on-air staff effective today. The local programming, which includes the station’s afternoon drive staple, ‘The Stoney and Wojo Show,’ will be replaced by syndicated programming until further notice.”

While I’ve never been one for sports talk stations, I actually enjoyed the irerverence of WFDN.  D – known to local listeners as “Doug From Royal Oak” was a frequent caller into the Sean Baligian’s show.   “The Stony and Wojo Show” used to be a highlight of my afternoon when I would get off of work at 5:00, especially with their “tournaments”.  WDFN was a sports station for the people, sponsoring events like their annual MEATA picnic where people were encouraged to bring their own meat to grill. These guys were worth listening to, and there’s a considerable hole in Detroit Sports Radio. 

I wonder how the Pistons will handle not having a local presence after the games?

Frankly, I despise 97.1.  I think Pat Caputo is a blowhard who  pathologically needs to be right all of the time, and his condescending attitude towards most callers who aren’t towing his current line of crap makes for a difficult listen.  He’s right especially when he’s wrong and when enough people disagree with him he’ll flip sides.  Way to be a journalist, pal.  The Morning Show with Jay Towers isn’t much for sports, and frankly isn’t any better that the other morning shows I specifically don’t listen to because I can’t stand the mindless patter. 

So now there’s no local morning sports talk show, Caputo hot air is all over the evening airwaves, and I already miss Sean.

Thanks, Clear Channel. Yet another reason to just not listen to corporate radio stations.

By the way, I’m trying to talk Doug into getting his own blog so he can talk to you people about sports, and I’m guessing now that the Fan is off the air, he’ll really  need an outlet.

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