Review: Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files

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Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files
Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

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If for no other reason, Side Jobs is worth the read for Backup (takes place between Small Favors and Turn Coat and Aftermath (takes place after Changes). Backup is narrated by Thomas Raith and Aftermath is narrated by Karrin Murphy. At the heart of The Dresden Files is a tale of a man who can bring about terrible things to just about anyone he wants, but instead chooses to live on the edge of poverty and use his skills as Chicago’s only professional wizard/private investigator and help where he can. Backup and Aftermath give the keen POV of those Harry fights closest with. How they see him, and his actions and motivations, and the respect they feel (if not always show) gives greater dimension to Harry as someone who really just wants to do the right thing.

It’s all brilliantly narrated by James Marsters, who manages to keeps the menagerie of the Dresden Universe in order in such fine order, that I only have to hear the voice of the character to know which character.

Now to pace until The Dresden Files #15.

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