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Fool Moon
Fool Moon by Jim Butcher
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Henry Dresden is growing on me. I’m liking his attitude, his bleak yet hopeful outlook that the world isn’t ending tomorrow, the fact that life remains an interesting landscape, even if it’s not terribly profitable.

I like that he’s a wizard with regular people problems, exacerbated by his chivalrousness value and need to protect everyone from themselves.

The only fault I’m finding with the book (and the series as a whole),something that I hope improves as I move through the series, is the Karrin Murphy character seems so rigid that a stiff breeze could snap her grasp on reality. So far through book two, I understand a character needing to be closed to protect the self and the soul, but I’m really hoping she unclenches to become more of a partner, instead of an on again, off again adversary.

She reminds me too much of of Dexter’s sister, Deb – someone who wants the information yesterday, while understanding that the right information takes time, yet the badgering and the shouting and the threats… It makes a body tired.

So anyway, Henry’s personal story is unspooling nicely as we learn more about his past, and watch him grow and become more powerful, balancing the magic with the mundane (an aspect about these books I really like is how Harry never uses his magic as a crutch), holding fast to the Rules and honoring his past.

James Marsters is a fantastic reader, giving it the delivery of a man telling a favorite story over drinks at a bar. It feels like a man relating a particularly rough day over a few rounds and it’;s comfortable. There are no falsettos so weird transitions, no off-putting radio-announcer deliveries. Just a man and his thoughts and a great story.

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