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Making some small changes to the duck to make it more user friendly as well as tinkering with it because I just feel like it.

Added Post Avatar, which means like my Livejournal, I can add a picture to suit my mood. I think I had this once before but for whatever reason I disabled it.

The Gravatar site is finally (for now) stable, so I installed Easy Gravatars. People that are already signed up with Gravatars will have their pic displayed. Those who don’t get a little black duck.

I was going to add a “Print This Post” function, but I need to find one I can adapt quickly.

Have you seen this:

Yes We Can

Via Neil Gaiman, I found this site, called the “Blog” Of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. Reminds me of a conversation with RJ once in which he said someone had actually written the phrase “explanation marks”, which made me giggle for minutes.

CDI continues along at a nice clip. Not many words last night due to some forms that needed filling out and lots of swearing, which meant someone wasn’t getting enough of my attention, so I’ll try again tonight. I’ve been giving the chapters numbers, but I think I’ll stop doing that and just assign them letters. The way it’s writing itself and the way it will finally be compiled are two different animals that haven’t met yet. Right now I’m just letting the story tell itself, the past and then the present.

Something I thought of today: Sharon McPhail is the conductor of the Crazytown Express, and if anyone thinks buy a ticket to ride that thing sounds like a good idea, she’s got some pre-trial motions to show you. I’ve watched her last few interviews and it’s clear to me that not only does she not have a clear grasp of the situation the mayor is actually in, but also believes it’s still about the sex.

The delusion. It’s cute, in a lost puppy kind of way.

One more thing – will the Little Black Book please raise it’s hand? Thanks.

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