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As some of you may or may not know, I’ve taken a rather extended hiatus from PW. I figure if I wait long enough, the trolls will finish with the place and leave permanently. If not, I have plenty of things to occupy my time. It won’t kill me to not go back.

Last night, one of the places I’d been keeping my work, Writer’s Cafe, went tits up and all of my stories (well, not just mine, but mine were far more important *grin*) were lost. The reviews are still there, but I have to reload the stories. If you’ve been reading me there, I’ll have everything – maybe – back up by Friday. On the upside, every single Read/Request is also gone. Technically I’m caught up!Another person approached me wanting to collaborate on a short film. This guy is at least upfront about the no payment thing and he actually has experience. I’ll do something short and sweet with the proper contracts for free. We’ll see how it pans out.

There’s more info surfacing on the Kilpatrick-issue but I’ll need more time to post on it. He’s still in office and I really can’t see how one more scandal that will cost the City money will make a difference at this point. The people got the mayor they wanted and deserved. No sense in beating a dead stripper.

For Black History Month, I’d like to pound out about 10,000 words on CDI. I’ve been researching Paradise Valley of the 1940’s and I think you (yes, you PJ) are really going to like Penda in the Big City. I hope your heart breaks a little for her and you get to really see why she’s as much fun as she is.

That’s all for now. Gotta go get Lushed.

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