Please bring Eugene home

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Please help find Eugene
Please help find Eugene (click for video)

It’s been one year since Eugene Brown III went missing. His mother, Helen, and his sister, Kenequia (a dear friend of mine), are still looking for him. 

I don’t believe any of us can imagine the anguish of a loved one simply disappearing off the face of the Earth. It happens to other people in other cities in far away states, and you shake your head and tsk until the next story cycles on the news, but when it happens to you, there is no next story. It doesn’t cycle off the screen because it doesn’t ever end until that person comes home.

No one disappears without someone knowing something. PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO OTHERS

The last time someone laid eyes on “Geno”  it was November 14, 2008. His voice was last heard around 1pm the next day.  He did not have a history of taking off or mental illness. His vehicle, a 1999 Black Ford Van with the License Plate Number BXU2268, was later found incinerated off Interstate 75 south of Hamtramck, near Sherrard Elementary School.

Please contact Kenequia in care of me here or Investigator Granger at the Detroit’s Twelfth Precinct (313) 596-1058.

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