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Back in the days before Facebook, this here little blog was where I dumped my wee little peeves like a properly licensed Peeve Ranch, where they could run free.
Then I turned my back for a few months while I sowed my oats with Facebook and now all of my peeves are running amok again.

Facebook took that away from us, that security, that sense of comfort and well-being that comes from something else being locked up.  I simply won’t stand for it anymore.  The duck deserves my Peeves – ALL OF THEM – and I invite you to release your peeves here as well.  Together we’ll restore the duck peeve ranch to its former unknown glory.

Or maybe I’ll just post more pics of my cats.

I’m thinking about opening up a Member Peeve Ranch, so you can release your peeves here discreetly and without ridicule. Your Peeves would like that a lot, and think of the piece of mind that would come from them living out their days in happy frolicking.

Here is a pic of a Peeve in captivity. These are also called Pocket Bunnies as they make adorable companions once broken of their natural peevish tendencies.

Peeve in captivity; Forever home found 2008

The release of today’s Peeve regards the dearth of information on how to actually relieve a neck spasm on a such a vast hive of interconnected intelligence as the Internet.

I have a neck spasm. I’m not having a heart attack, not do I have a herniated disk in my neck. I do have a new pillow and an unfomfortable office chair and all I want is some dang relief  – but don’t touch me, because that hurts.

I don’t want to wade through bulging disks and goiters and dislocated jaws to discover that the spasming muscle will relax in a few days with a combination of heat and cold, as well as rest.  I had to be grossed out first to be frustrated before being placated.

So there – off you go, little Information Overload Peeve. Run and be (kinda) free.

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