Our Bank Robbers Are A Real Scream

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Last Tuesday, Doug and I were headed out to the cat food store, scooting across 12 Mile Road. enjoying the scenery.

We noticed cops sitting outside the TCF, one with his car butt end practically right on 12 Mile and others peppered across the parking lot like forgotten toys in a child’s play set.  Doug saw a few others cruising up and down side streets.

We mused aloud wondering if the bank had been robbed, and decided we’d swing back by on the way home.  We always say that when we see something interesting on the street – a car, a house, a collection of garden gnomes – and we almost never do. S’okay, they were noted in passing and that’s enough.

Anyway, we went on about our evening and forgot all about it.

Jump to this afternoon, while flipping through the free  newspaper (I’d name it but they don’t have a link to what I want to show you, so I’ll link to the ROPD Police Report instead), I received confirmation that indeed the bank had indeed been robbed and I got a little tickle  of delight for my environmental thoughtfulness.

TCF Bank, 1800 Crooks, 3-13-12:  Royal Oak officers responded to a bank robbery. Officer’s investigation revealed a white male, approximately 6’4”, wearing a “Halloween” mask, entered the bank and gave the teller a note instructing her to give him all the money in her drawer. The suspect fled the scene, possibly in an older, four door, maroon Chevy Blazer, with an undisclosed amount of currency.

By “Halloween” mask, they mean Michael Myers – it’s in the C&G Article I can’t link to.

This only proves that this is my town.

Hand over the cash and I won't stalk you relentlessly through a bunch of movies.
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  • Davecat
    March 22, 2012 - 7:41 pm

    C&G never has anything of any true value to link to. On the rare occasions they have an amusing/attention-grabbing piece in their paper, usually there isn’t a corresponding article on their rather barren-looking site. I’d cancel my subscription if I paid for it.

    And I don’t understand how Thomas Robber (that’s his name, I totally looked it up) even got into the bank with the mask on. Presumably he slipped it on after he entered, cos who the hell would let someone wearing a Mike Myers mask into a bank? ‘Oh, here comes someone probably making a deposit. Sure, he looks awfully pale and hollow-eyed, but a physical condition is no reason to turn a customer away OH MY GOD DON’T SHOOT’

    O, and that undisclosed amount of currency? $18.59, and a bunch of styrofoam cups. Totally looked that up, too.

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