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So yesterday my phone went tits up.

I do not have to relay how tragic that was for me, nor do I have to talk about the amount of pics and video lost to the gods because they were never moved to my SD card. It simply hurts too much.  I was without texting for almost 20 hours.



I had the shakes it was that bad.

Anyway, Verizon sent me all special a shiny new green LG EnV (1st generation, not the sucky 2nd) to replace the one that kicked the bucket, but they cannot retrieve the information from the memory so effed up is it’s damage.

If I have ever had your number, I no longer have it. Trust me when I say if you were to call me, I would screen the call and you would never hear fromme again because my caller ID did not say “Lisa” or “Mom” or “MI-6”. I will mention here that I never check voice mail, because I just don’t.  Most people text after they can’t get a hold of me.

I apologise now to anyone who never got a call back because you died waiting for me to call back.

Please do me a favor and send your phone number to littleblackduck AT montileestormer DOT com, so we can be friends again. Do me an additional flavor and slip me your online handle. Some of you were in there only as online people and we probably exchanged numbers when I was blowing through town.

Of course this only applies to people I KNOW. I don’t need some random guy’s number in my phone, because rest assured, you ain’t getting a call back.

Thanks eveh.

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