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I appreciate your patience this year.  I can imagine how badly you’ve wanted to e-mail me about this uncoming event, but were afraid of how you might sound – over-eager? Creepy?  Desperate?  Yes I would have thought those things about you, but it’s okay – I’ve been obsessing about it for two months.  Usually about this time I post preliminary pics up for a vote, but with the excitement of my job I just haven’t had the chance.

Every year Bloggers from around the Internet participate in the BoobieThon – where we post pictures of the very things we (and the people that fondle us) hold dear.  I will be a part of it this year, as I have been since 2003.

I know that this year, as was last year, is difficult financially for everyone, but a few dollars kicked towards eradicating a disease that takes away from us the sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, best friends, nephews, sons, husbands, and brothers we love so much is terribly important.

As always, the main site is safe for work – though not my work has declared it NAY – and the covered boobies are free to look at.  The nekid bewbies will cost you a $50 donation a gawk.  Mine are totally worth it.  We just ask that if you like what you see – and really who wouldn’t – go ahead and kick a few bucks our way.  The site is secure and you can remain anonymous.

We’ve raised $40,000 in six years – totally awesome for a volunteer project that gets play simply by word of mouth.

Please consider throwing in a coupe of bucks this year. I’m totally buying a t-shirt this year.  Maybe I’ll wear it for next year’s shoot?


We bare because we care.


(both links now fixed. Thanks, droops!)

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