My lunch is disappoint! no wow! such fail!

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II told myself I would post every week, regardless of that I had to say. Right now I need to complain about my #firstworldproblem – my lunch.

This would be the lunch I order from an app or a website from the comfort of my desk job and then get into my warm, remote-started vehicle, and drive a whole 1/2 mile to retrieve. I hate complaining about it, but I feel I need to because otherwise nothing changes.

In Southfield, it’s Wingstop, which up until recently had some of the best wings I had ever enjoyed.

You’ll notice the past tense because honestly, I’ve kind of just had it.

Twice now, the “printer wasn’t working” so the order I placed wasn’t received and I end up waiting roughly an hour (from placing order to finally receiving food).

Today was supposed to be the “sorry for the screw up, here’s on on us!”, except that note wasn’t really in any paperwork folks could access and when I got back tot he office, what I ordered was greasy and without flavor. I don’t even want to talk about the counter help.

I did contact Wingstop via Twitter, and while they’re sorry about my troubles, they’ll be moving Heaven and Earth contacting the “brand partner” abut the issue. This is fancy talk for this is a franchise issue, so better luck next time.

There’s a local pizza and wing joint that stopped getting my business because the quality of everything went down the more locations they opened.

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