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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the movie and I’ll do my best to answer some of them, as vague as they may be.

You have a movie? What’s it about?

Ugh, this one is hard. When people ask I found myself giving a synopsis of the short story, not the movie, and while they are essentially the same, the tone of the short story is more of loss and regret, while the movie has a strong undercurrent of a guilt and redemption.

So here goes.

“Over/With” is the story of Guy and his girlfriend Judy and their challenge to stay together no matter what. The challenge is that Judy has been dead many months but Guy firmly believes that love conquers all and everyone can be one big happy family again. It’s a horror film so we know pretty much from the start that it will end badly.

This is filming in New Orleans in June, and I’ve been asked why New Orleans? Well, because the producer liked the setting and we go where the money is.  Also you can’t swing a dead chicken without hitting a Voodoo/Hoodoo shop of some kind. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans

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