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The little black duck sampler is finally ready and available for download, at least until my webserver tells me I can’t do it anymore. I am working on uploading it to various sites as soon as I figure them out. It’s been a hectic few weeks for me but I’m on top of things – I think.

I can’t appeal to you as well as my partner, because while I can pretend to like you and shower you with imaginary love and affection, I really can’t be bothered. There are already enough of you that would show up on my doorstep without so much as an unintended wink that was really a spasm from a bug flying in my eye and I don’t want to further encourage you. You can thank the jackass that burned the heart (and I do mean the charred organ – nice touch) on my neighbor’s lawn mistaking his home for mine.

Whoever you are, Jaime wants to know why you never call.

Please find behind the following links, three stories which have already been published (my undying gratitude goes out to Sinister Bedfellows, Hopper Comics, and Fossil Publications), and a chapter excerpt of The Caretaker, Chapter One, which God willing and the waters don’t rise, should be completed by early 2008.

So the formats go like this:




Sony Reader

PDF (full size for regular computer screens and printing purposes)

This version (little black duck sampler, v. 1.0) can be printed and read and/or given to family and friends, so please feel free to hand it out to your book club, leave it in bus depots, on planes, in cabs, with your minister, with your AA sponsor, etc…

For those who would are reading this and sniffing with derision because you don’t *do* electronic versions, yes I am compiling an actual, honest to God Pocket Book that will be available from fine online retailers everywhere. Some day.

In the meantime, I’m also working hard on my millions of other projects: Isle Of Shadows, with my talented, patient, and diligent partner, Rob Callahan (have you seen his download – seriously, go check it out), Never, The Cat Dragged Inn, and of course The Caretaker, not to mention the dozens of short stories that will have their own anthology as soon as I remember to finish them.



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little black duck
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