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It’s been hardly quiet over at Casa Stormer, but we’ve been laying low for a number of reasons, most of them financial, all of them currently resolved.

This week I begin the first phase of editing Isle of Shadows, just making sure the plot holes RJ and I have created can be filled while I wait on the rest from him.  With the coming of spring I’ve been experiencing this renewed sense of creativity, and I’ve been eager to get to home write in the evenings.  I’m still knitting like a fiend because I’m behind on so many projects, but when I’m not concentrating on counting rows and stitches, I’m thinking about words.

With the coming Easter holiday, I’ve been thinking about Sea of Hats and how Easter is the holiday of pagentry and all manner of color and fabric combinations not found in nature.  I think I’ll sit outside of Greater Emmanuel Church of God In Christ on Easter Sunday and ponder the deeper meaning of my story, knowing damn well the people strutting inside won’t ever read a word of it – and yet I can take comfort in believing they one day may actually live it.


While I’m thinking about writing, I’m also thinking about marketing. I got a quote on the cute  little cards I gave out at a few conventions and bookstores and found a great deal.  Now I have to update the information on them and maybe swap out the picture.  I always feel like pimping myself at the beginning of the year.  Towards the end, I’m just used up.

One of the three publications I’m slated to be in this month is already out.  Murky Depths published The Suicide Bar, and I’m already getting some nice pieces of fan mail about it.  Thanks! That as much as anything is inspiration to keep plugging on.

The other two I wait on eagerly, though one is experiencing website difficulties.  I’m keeping my chin up on it and look forward to hearing from someone on that side after the Easter holiday.

I have more to ramble on about but I have to scoot to work.

Jax – check your mailbox early next week.  Your package came back to me (after a month).  The post office wouldn’t deliver it – some nonsense about needing a zip code. Sending it Priority with Delivery Confirmation with Fresh Insides – I don’t know were they were keeping it, but I’ve never seen something like that look so cruddy.

Ta, everyone.  Have a great weekend and fantastic holiday, if you celebrate it.

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  • brahnamin
    March 24, 2008 - 12:54 pm

    Did you hunt easter eggs in the snow?

    My wife and kids are up your way this weekend. After a winter of mostly rain down here in the Old Dominion, they were well excited to see over a foot of the white and fluffy (though they did have to pull over and get a motel room in Indiana before continuing on to Michigan Saturday morning to avoid the worst of the storm).

    Do you guys have tentative publication date for Isle? Probably a stupid question given typical publishing delays, but I absolutely love reading your work.

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