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The Baby-eating Thug is at it again, now insulting and assulting Police Officers.

Detroit’s mayor’s so damn classy!

So yesterday, Wayne County Sheriff’s Dputies tried to serve a subpeona on Bobby Furgeson, only to be met with an irate Kilpatrick who “gently escorted” the officer of the court off the porch by shoving the deputy.  It needs to be mentioned that this was NOT at Kilpatrick’s home, but the home of his sister. He inserted himself into a situation he had no business being a part of. 

Sheriff’s Deputy, Brian White testified:

White said he checked the address, which was the home of the mayor’s sister Ayanna Kilpatrick. When he got out of his vehicle with his partner, White testified, he saw one of the mayor’s police bodyguards.

“I identified myself immediately as a police officer, I raised my ID and said I needed to speak to Bobby Ferguson,” White testified. “He made a sweeping motion with his right arm to the house … he accompanied us to the front door.”

After meeting a man who identified himself as Derrick Ferguson, White said he heard shouting from Ayanna Kilpatrick’s home.

” ‘Don’t tell those f—— anything … Get the f— out of here.’ At that point Kilpatrick comes storming out through the door, grabbed me with both of my hands behind me and throws me into investigator Kinney,” referring to his partner, retired Detroit Police Homicide Sgt. Joann Kinney.

At that point in White’s testimony, Kilpatrick turned, wide-eyed, toward one of his police bodyguards sitting in the front row of the courtroom. The police officer shook his head.

White continued testifying that Kilpatrick said: “Get the f— out of here. Leave my f—— family alone. Get off my f—— porch.”

And then:

White said he was not confrontational. He said he and his partner left immediately after Kilpatrick laid hands on him.

Kinney later testified: “It happened so fast … I was like, I couldn’t believe this was happening.”

Referring to Kilpatrick as “Mr. Mayor,” Kinney said the mayor shouted at her: “You, a black woman being with a man with the last name White, you should be ashamed of yourself. Why are you a part of this?”

This after Kwame said in a press conference about Wayne County Prosecuter Kym Worthy:

“She’s definitely trying to poison the jury pool,” he said of Worthy. “Her hope is that the racism of this region will convict me.”


So the judge has decided that Kwame can’t make further travel plans without a court hearing, must undergo random drug-testing, and pay ten percent (10%) of his seventy-five thousand ($75,000.00) dollar bond. 

Judge Ronald Giles of the 36th District Court left Kwame with these parting words:

Speaking directly to the mayor, Giles told him he is being held to a higher standard.  “You’re a licensed attorney. You’re a public official. Everything you do, every step you take, every word you say is somewhere recorded for everyone to hear,” he said, as the mayor nodded. “You need to keep that in mind.”

Detroit – are you ready to recall this idiot (found in the comments section) yet? 

Please visit our petition locations: 16210 James Couzens, N. of Puritan and 13903 Harper, E. of Chalmers. Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hours: 9am-12 noon and 3pm-6pm. Website:www.recallkilpatrick.com, Email:info@recallkilpatrick.com. Phone:313.879.5045

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  • Chris Detroit
    July 25, 2008 - 2:41 pm

    King Kwame will never be recalled. Hundreds of thousands of socialist racists south of Eight Mile and east of Telegraph worship him. As long as he continues to lie, cheat, and steal, he will have the support of the hundreds and thousands who do the same, only on a much smaller scale. They hide behind the color of their skin and cry “racism” whenever they’re held accountable.
    If Kwame falls, there’s hundreds of thousands waiting to fill his shoes.
    Time to write off Detroit. It’s gone and will never return.

  • Davecat
    July 26, 2008 - 3:50 am

    “You, a black woman being with a man with the last name White, you should be ashamed of yourself.”
    Jesus fuck, dude. Apart from the fact that that has nothing to do with anything relevant whatsoever, so what, Kilpatrick is an African-American name now??

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