Kilpatrick And The Blown Opportunity

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The blown opportunity to represent his City as a shining jewl of what can  happen when everyone works together for the betterment of the community. 

Unfortunately,  that got kicked to the curb when he decided the City was his own fiefdom.  See, it was never about the City but bragging rights and how fantastic he was.  He was going to be the Savior and he’d already begun building his pedestal. 

His problem was it was made of hookers and lies, which wren’t terribly sturdy balancing on stripper crystal and covered in glitter.  Had he set about the business of the City from the get-go, instead of the business of his pants, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.  It was a missed opportunity for the him and the City, and the City looks foolish because if it.  After all, it kept putting him back in office.

Well, the baby-eating thug is out of jail.

For now.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was fitted for a tether today and released after arraignment on new assault charges.

This morning Wayne County Circuit Judge Thomas Jackson ruled Kilpatrick must pay $50,000 cash bond and wear a tether before he could be released from the Wayne County Jail. He also was forbidden to travel, meaning the mayor must cancel his trip to the Democratic National Convention and a family trip to Florida.

Looks like if Carlita wants to serve him with divorce papers, she’ll have to do it up here.

Jackson started the proceedings by announcing that he had received and ignored a call from a lawyer who works for the mayor and used to be a City Council member, underscoring his pledge to be objective as he considers Kilpatrick’s bid to be set free.

Jackson did not identify Sharon McPhail, but she is the only lawyer working for the mayor who fits the description he gave.

“I assume they were not calling to wish me a happy day or a happy Friday morning,” he said, explaining why he did not take the call.

Way to  be subtle there, Sharon McPhail.  Throwing your weight around like anyone honestly cares what you  have to say.  Maybe she was warning him that someone had wired his chair to electrocute him.  We’ll never know.

My husband gave me this opinion earlier today.  He believes that the Democratic Party just didn’t want an embarrassment like Kilpatrick at the DNC in August.  Let’s face it,  it’s hard to put the spotlight on a Black candidate who promises change, when there’s is one on the convention floor who has proven himself to be everything people fear about Black men – a philanderer, a thug, a liar, a hard partier, someone who can’t be trusted with some else’s money.  

And of course someone who believes they are being persecuted by Whitey and the Media.  Doesn’t exactly speak to the future of the Democratic Party, does it?

Putting the two together in the same room would focus too much attention on the negative instead of the positive. 

Now that Granholm isn’t campaigning for Clinton anymore and she’s got the support of the full Democratic Party behind her, she can make her move on September 3 to begin hearings to remove Kilpatrick from office – which would come too late for the DNC, so this works out much better.  No travel anywhere.  He stays his butt at home where he can only embarrass the State of Michigan locally as opposed to nationally in front of camera and bloggers.

Only M.L. Elrick would include these details in his article:

When he was processed at the jail, the mayor was wearing a shiny gray suit with matching vest and a French-cuffed shirt with “Mayor” embroidered on the sleeves. 

There you go, Detroit.  That’s your mayor – arrogant enough to have the words “mayor” embroidered on the cuffs of his shirts, lest anyone forget his face.

But the really fantastic news was this:

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was arraigned Friday afternoon on charges that he assaulted a Wayne County investigator, and allowed by a magistrate to go free on a $25,000 bond with the provision that he not come in contact with any of the witnesses in the case.

Magistrate Renee McDuffee set the mayor’s bond about three hours after Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox announced charges in the alleged police assault. Cox issued a warrant for the arrest of Kilpatrick, charging him with two felony counts of assaulting or obstructing a police officer in a furtherance of duty.

As part of the magistrate’s order, Kilpatrick can not contact witnesses to the incident. Those witnesses include officers from his executive protection unit, the mayor’s sister Ayanna, and the mayor’s brother-in-law Daniel Ferguson. Daniel Ferguson is a relative of Bobby Ferguson who the investigators were trying to serve with the subpoena.

Those of you  keeeping track with your ledger, Kilpatrick has now paid out more money in bond in the two days than most of the residents of the City of Detroit make in a year. How does that shake you?

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