It Doesn’t Have To Be New To Be Beautiful

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This is a pretty big world. It’s full of things that are really kinda dangerous which makes this really big world kinda scary.

However  you are reminded by people like Matt that this is indeed a great big world and it’s full people and the majority of them are good, kind-hearted folk that just want to be happy.

I saw my first (not *the* first) Where the Hell is Matt video shortly after my friend Kevin returned from his own round the world trip. I remember he said   he wished he’d thought of that incredible idea.

In the 2008 video, there’s Matt, dancing in Mumbai and Paro and Northern Island and New Zealand and Kuwait. Even the dogs seem happy to see him. Those are all beautiful places, far-flung for someone like me who doesn’t have a passport and  never left the continent.

It’s the 0:51 second mark that always makes me get a little teary. Matt’s not alone and the world is full of people, and they all want to dance with him.

Matt did it again in 2012 and for me this one feels different. I look at all the places and while I still don’t have a passport, because of the Internet, I have friends in many of those cities all over the world, and the dancing makes me think of them, like a moving picture postcard that says, “wish you were here, what fun we’d have dancing.”

If you need a happy reason to flush your tear ducts, this two are a pretty good start.


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