I Get Away With A Lot

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I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’m a hard worker and I don’t cause (a lot of) trouble, but I’m allowed a lot of leeway when it comes to just being me and what’s often known in offices as “Cube Flair”.

My desk is neat, my papers are in order, and I get my work done on time. My cubicle nearly has four walls, and I’m set away from the main aisleway so the casual passer-by (or visiting client) doesn’t get a shock when they pass. There is a chainsaw, a TARDIS, various sayings and memes. It’s comfortable, for me, and I need to feel comfortable to work.

There’s even a company chare to visit with me.

I haven’t always been allowed to decorate how I’d like. Back when I began, my area used to be festooned with a raven a few skulls and some wee skeletons on a string draped over my moniter. Halfway through November, a supervisor asked me, “do you think we could take down the Halloween decorations now?”

My thought was of course, “What Halloween decorations?” but not wanting to cause waves, I do what I’m told and I don’t complain (loudly), so I toned it down.  When a spot opened up on my team, I was moved to the general cube farm, and proceeded to make myself at home. Beneath my moniter, I had McFarlane’s Bathory set and there she sat for about 4 months, not bothering anyone and enjoying her bath.


Same supervisor: “I’m not sure if decapitated people is the image we really want to convey here.” I blinked. decapitated people were verbotten, but the naked woman in the bathtub of blood was perfectly okay? Alrighty then. I told him I’d take the candelabra home and gave my brightest smile. About a month later I took Beth home, too just in case the castle was stormed and she was taken hostage.

Since then, I’ve kept the collectibles down to a minimum, except for the stuffies because they are cute, and no one apparently reads the signs. When I moved to this spot last year, I proceeded to gradually make it mine. I have more responsibilities, so the majority of what’s on my walls is indeed work related, but the flair is spreading and it definitively marks this space as my own. Just this morning I added a new installation to the shelf above the chainsaw:

I’ve got Bitter Almond cookies with a splash of Hemlock tea to wash it down.

I’ll start a pool as to when someone will notice to make it make it down.

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