Hello, employment. How have you been?

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So for those not in the know, and that is probably most of you, I have rejoined the ranks of the employed.

I joined the staff of Lush yesterday and now I will smell nice all of the time. I figured if I was going o work retail, it may as well be someplace I really enjoyed shopping. Others would have rather I’d taken a job at B&N or Borders, but there is still time for that yet. We’re moving into the Holiday season, and all of those places need seasonal help.

Over the last six months, while I haven’t accomplished everything I really wanted to, I can honestly say progress was made of a few fronts. Isle of Shadows had a huge dent made in it, thanks in great part to my partner RJ and the three visits I made to Minneapolis as a retreat of sorts to write. There is something about my time needing to be compressed and thin for me to write. I think that’s why we did so well in Minneapolis – time constraints made things that more urgent.

I fell behind on my knitting, and didn’t finish half of the projects I started. Makes me wonder if there is something completely pathological about that. I have lots of projects I can’t complete – minor mending, stitching the eyes, stuffing the head, cleaning up the loose yarn ends.

I met new writers and was reintroduced to some old friends – Ramsey Campell, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Tess Gerritsen, Joe Hill, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I joined a professional writer’s group and saw my work in print more than once.

By the by, And On The Seventh Day will see print in (Black Ink Horror: RED) November from Black Ink Horror.

I’d write more, but I have training today and I need to scoot. Job training. Hee. I’m kinda gonna miss sitting in the coffeehouses writing and watching the people, but I’ll enjoy the income more.

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  • Davecat
    September 20, 2007 - 1:17 pm

    When I first saw you mention Lush, I thought you were referring to the ‘upscale’ cocktail bar. This is better.
    Congratulisations! We owe each other dinners!

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