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Must be nice to assume the law applies to everyone but you.

As of 9:47 a.m. today, Special Assistant Attorney General Douglas Baker was at 36th District Court to file an amendment to the bond in the case against Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

It is expected that a hearing on the bond amendment will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Chief Judge Marylin Atkins, who is on vacation this week, was contacted by Baker this morning about the filing. Atkins assigned 36th District Court Magistrate Renee McDuffee — who set the conditions of the mayor’s bond — to hear the bond amendment. McDuffee is off today and Tuesday, but there is a chance she will come in to handle the amendment hearing. Attorneys for Kilpatrick are currently out of town in Alabama, but they are expected to return on Tuesday.

The hearing stems from a complaint by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox alleging that Kilpatrick violated his bond Saturday by meeting his sister at his mother’s home.

The mayor’s sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick, is a witness to the July 24 incident on her porch in which Kilpatrick is alleged to have assaulted two officers who were attempting to serve a subpoena to his friend, Bobby Ferguson. However, Atkins, and one of the mayor’s attorneys said Sunday that a “no contact” order did not include the mayor’s sister or his police bodyguards.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy also is looking into another possible violation of conditions that allow Kilpatrick to remain free while facing felony criminal charges in two courts.

Worthy is investigating Kilpatrick’s broad and secretive city business trips in the wake of a weekend statement issued by the mayor’s public relations representatives about how he has mixed business and personal travel, including a July 21 side trip from a business conference in Ithaca, N.Y., to a water park on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls with his sons.

The attorney general believes the “no contact” order issued Friday by McDuffee included all witnesses in the case, but Atkins said Sunday the order didn’t include the mayor’s sister or members of the Detroit Police Executive Protection Unit.

“I’ll stand by the document, which indicates no contact,” Attorney General’s Office spokesman Rusty Hills said Sunday. “We believe that no contact means just that, no contact.”

Over the weekend one of the Mayor’s Attorney’s appeared on Fox2News Sunday Morning in the most embarassing interview I have ever seen.  Charles Pugh and Deena Centifanti raked the idiot over the coals as he tried to explain that because teh Mayor wasn’t just anyone, he should be allowed special priviledges.  He then went  on to say that he hadn’t actually talked to the mayor in a few weeks.

The mayor currently has seventeen (17) lawyers and clearly none of them bother speaking to each other. It’s no wonder the baby-eating thug will rot in jail.


Judge Ronald Giles will hear Kilpatrick’s case. That sound you just heard was Kilpatrick and his leagal team smacking themselves on their collective foreheads because they know they have just stepped in it up to their ankles.

Yeah *that* Judge Giles, the same Judge Gilkes who ordered Kilpatrick to jail on Thursday for thinking himself above the law. I feel like taking off work so I can sit in the courtroom with popcorn and a soda. I want the dressing down to be epic.

Giles: Didn’t we just have this conversation?
Kilpatrick: I understand that I did wrong and I even brought my boys to witness justice in action but you see, there was this side of beef enhanced with baby-flavoring, and there needed to be an immediate meeting on how it could better the City of Detroit. I’m all about the City and baby-flavored meat.
Giles: *blank stare*

Okay, I don’t know what his excuse will be, but I imagine it’ll go something like that.

Then there will be an order of execution, because clearly some people can’t be learned.  It’s like a dog that keeps biting the neighbor kids.  You can either remove the kids or put down the dog.  Most people will opt for putting down the dog, since sending kids on meaning life-long quests a la Hansel and Gretal is against the law.

Kilpatrick isn’t going to learn until he’s put down (please read: “remove from office” and save your e-mails of implied threats) because like an ill-mannered dog, he’s going to keep nipping at the kids until he mauls one of them all the while giving you this “I don’t understand, why is it bad? I’m just the dog” look.

I think he needs to sit in jail a few days to be reminded of his place in this situation.

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  • Davecat
    August 11, 2008 - 5:03 pm

    Gods, I’m so glad that I no longer live in DetRIOT. However, since Detroit is pretty much the face of Michigan, this is absolutely ridiculous that that fat bastard isn’t in leg irons somewhere in prison, as he’s eroding what little prestige we have left in this state. I wish they’d realise that mollycoddling the Baby-Eater (sounds like a monster from ‘The Neverending Story’) with these wee little fines and slaps on wrists isn’t working, cos he’s either too full of himself to believe that he’s not untouchable, or he’s profoundly stupid. Or both!

    The wanker isn’t going to resign willingly. He needs to be fired. From a cannon. How much more clear can it be?

    Lately, commenting on the Duck feels like I’m writing to the editorial section of a paper.

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