Haven’t I Arrested You Someplace Before?

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 From Rob Callahan’s blog:

I snapped this last night during the mass arrests downtown. With about fifty kids suffering from varying degrees of injuries and laying cuffed on the sidewalk and street behind them, a group of riot cops paused, posed and smiled for pictures. Like they were on a fishing trip or safari. The lone guy on the right was holding a small camera, and the group of four or five in the center of the shot were mugging, arms around each other, as he took pictures. Soon after I snapped this, another group of cops came and stood in a line in front of me, so as to prevent me taking any more pictures. A few minutes later, one came by and started taking pictures of me, so I told him, “I’ll save you some research. My dossier is under Callahan. That’s with a C, not a K.” I think I came very close to being arrested for attempted helpfulness.

This is what my partner, RJ,  does for fun – antagonizing large men with gun, gas masks and Tasers.  It’s rough going in the Twin Cities this week and I don’t envy anyone who has to live or work through all of the chaos.  I don’t particularly agree with some of the tactics on either side, but everyone seems especially strident in making his or her own point, which goes a long way towards making things extremely unsafe. 

Lots of very admirable people are going very brave and questionably smart things to make sure the injustices are being documented. If you’re going down as a legal observer, please be careful.  The men and women in black riot gear aren’t making any differentials based on good citizenship.

Who spells Callahan with a “K”?

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