“God bless you and all with you. Destroy the rebel army if possible.”

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“God bless you and all with you.
Destroy the rebel army if possible.”
Abraham Lincoln
15 September 1862

I swear – take out the first line and maybe Darth Vader said it. I actually pictured Lincoln in a Vader helmet. That makes me bad, right?

Okay, so the B&B may not happen this trip out, but we’ve actually seen some of them right up close. We were through Gettysburg, PA today and we’re overnighting in Hagerstown, MD, so it’s the Antietam Battlefield in the morning. We were planning on leaving on Saturday, but since we’re thirty  miles from  Breezewood, PA we may go ahead and stay until Sunday morning.  It all depends where we overnight tomorrow.

Tomorrow we’re hitting the Antietam Memorial Illumination – 23,000 candles will be lit, one for each soldier killed, wounded, or missing. I’m sorta hoping I can wrangle a night or two at The Inn at Antietam so we can see the ceremony from the second floor.

*hear that Davecat? don’t let my cats die plz*

We’ve got lots of information on the various B&B’s we checked up on, including one that’s for sale, so when we’re back out here in maybe May or June we’ll plan more than a few days right on the main battlefield proper and do the things we always talk about but never get around to – maybe an actual tin-type from Gibson Photographic Studios.  While I’m a little disappointed we’re not grabbing a room in the Keystone or the Doubleday this trip, I’m excited about an extended trip in the early summer.

*crosses fingers*

Meanwhile, the weather is beautiful – if a little rainy.  I often forget how much I love the mountains, and it would be lovely to get a little place on the Shenandoah side, maybe overlooking a winery.  I could deal with the snow in the winter because it’s not nearly as long lasting or miserable as the crap we get in Michigan.

So fear not, I’m doing well far from home and I’m enjoying myself, even if I don’t know where I’m going to be from day to day.

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    December 5, 2008 - 1:48 am

    Whoa whoa whoa — back it up. You have cats??

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