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Hello, you!

Since you’re likely here from the Flint Horror Collective, let me start by saying thanks for the interest, and I really do look forward to seeing your faces in April.

Photo Credit @Kaha's Soup
Photo Credit @Kaha’s Soup

You’re probably looking for some samples to read so you can get an idea of what I write. In the sidebar, there is a link, Stories to Read With Your Eyes (which I’ve also linked here because redundancy), and there are previously published short stories  in their entirety for you to read.

I like writing short stories because like so many events in our lives, the things that impact us the greatest are the short in between bits that occur while we’re enduring the larger life arcs.

Come along, me


My inspiration is the news, history, clips of overheard conversation – in other words, Life. Life inspires me to write horror, and not because it’s boring or not horrific enough. I was asked once why I would want to write bad things happening to people – which is the polite way to ask, “what is wrong with you”.

Now's the time on Sprockets when we dance
Now’s the time on Sprockets when we dance

There’s nothing wrong with me that I want to fix. Having an imagination that can augment my reality with that of things that go bump in the night really is the best thing ever.


Aside from writing, I also knit, crochet and watch a lot of movies. The bento boxes you see in previous posts are my way of eating healthy – the plastic babies are just fun. I love audiobooks, and I actually read more urban fantasy and medical thrillers (think Butcher and Reichs) than horror. We all have our thing.

harold whut
There is nothing wrong with Harold.


I’m also a huge Person of Interest fan

You can ask me almost anything in the comments, and while I don’t friend everyone on Facebook, you’re free to follow me there or on Twitter.

See you on April 11!

Flint Horror Collective Presents:
Beyond the Book
A Celebration of Horror Authors
Saturday, April 11
at 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Flint Public Library
1026 E Kearsley St, Flint, Michigan 48503

This is a FREE event with light snacks and refreshments.

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Just this fox. I'm a writer of horror and dark fantasy. I totally don't brag about it. The latter statement is an utter lie.
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