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I changed the curtains for two reasons –

1 – I tried upgrade the actual theme, and while this current theme is from the same guy, MT-Dark upgrades were fond on utilizing only the newest in what WP has to offer, which meant upgrading the platform. So –

2 – Upgraded to WP and because their automatic upgrade never works, it crapped out and killed most of my customizations living on MT-Dark. I was a little too heartbroken to fix it.

Lesson learned- leave it alone.

There is no mood icon for “meh”.

I am slowly shaking myself out of a ennui that’s lingered for the better part of six weeks. Various contributing factors played a role and when they all ganged up me, with their sharp words and pointy feelings, I took what was left of my deflated personality ball and went home. I curled up with a laptop, a soft blanket, cats and a husband, and bade the world Get offa my Geraniums!

I’ve been drifting ever since, doodling here, dabbling here, looking for familiar sparks and buried silver linings.  Whatever it is I need, I’ll have find it soon, as I’m heading to Minneapolis next week, and I’d hate to spend five days looking like someone ate my dog. That’s a long time to have to put up with a mopey me.

In the meantime, I’ve done a little redecorating here at the duck. I don’t know if I love it yet, not like I loved MT-Dark, but I’ll continue to tinker. Or maybe retry Dark, but really, my heart just isn’t into it.

So, with a quick but heavy sigh, I end my post of the Month. I do have publishing news to relay, but I need more deets before I further spread the disease.

Oh – have anyone of you watched this yet? I killed the series in a few days and cross my fingers for BBIII.

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