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A Dark MatterA Dark Matter by Peter Straub

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I’ve been trying to listen to Girl Missing (aka Peggy Sue Got Murdered) by Tess Gerritsen, which is one of the Cat Novak books, before Maura Isles and Jane Rizzoli  made their debut. It’s a struggle and I don’t know if it’s the narrator (the competent, yet slightly over the top Susan Erickson), but it is the longest 8 hours I have ever had to listened to, and I still have three hours to go. Basically, it’s a romance novel (ugh) with thriller elements, unlike her later books which are the other way around.  Style-wise, we all start somewhere with our fiction and the progression is interesting enough to watch. From Cat we grow up to Maura, and Maura handles this crap so much better. I can honestly say I’m happy I came into Gerritsen when I did.

So, I’m starting A Dark Matter, by Peter Straub, recommended by Brian Keene. I haven’t tried reading Straub since In The Night  Room, which I found kind of dry. Let’s get this romance ick out of my mouth.

The Deets:

Downloaded via Overdrive for (for my iPod), through Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (yes, it’s a library rental)

Duration: 14 hours, 33 minutes
ISBN: 9780739322420
Release date:Feb 09, 2010
Narrated by:Robertson Dean
Publisher: Random House Audio

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